This is the New Reno

This is the New Reno

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Reno, the biggest little city in the world and Nevada’s first gaming capital, is experiencing a powerful renaissance, with strong Bay Area connections, its proximity to world-class Lake Tahoe, great weather, an incredible amount of recreation, and the economic engine of Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, better known as TRIC, nearby. The breadth of new development and redevelopment in the Reno area is unprecedented. This is the new Reno.


Looking back over 150 years and just a short distance down the road from Reno, the town of Virginia City, home of the famous Comstock Lode and at one time called the “Richest City in America,” produced hundreds of millions of dollars of gold and silver. The Bank of California in large part built San Francisco’s financial district from the profits realized from Virginia City’s mining operations. Many of the famously rich men who made their fortunes in Virginia City invested heavily in San Francisco as well; it only seems fitting that the Fortunes of Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area are now fueling Reno’s renaissance.

Source: Los Gatos Magazine April-May 2019 –

Author: Rich Tancredi – Published on March 25, 2019