We Are Glad to be a Part of the Transaction to Bring a Great Company to Reno

We Are Glad to be a Part of the Transaction to Bring a Great Company to Reno

Health tech co. MOBE establishing Reno HQ, paying $65 per hour average wage

Downtown Reno will be home to about 300 new employees in the next five years as health technology company MOBE picks The Biggest Little City for its second company headquarters.

The Minnesota-based company’s Reno headquarters will open sometime during the third quarter of this year.

MOBE (pronounced MOE-bee) describes itself as a health solutions company that works with large employers and insurance companies to improve healthcare outcomes while lowering healthcare costs. The company emphasizes an interconnected approach, not just between physical health and medication but other factors such as emotional health, sleep habits, diet and lifestyle.

“We got started in a garage in Minneapolis back in the fall of 2013,” said Eric Hamborg, MOBE’s chief commercial officer. “It was really an innovation project born out of doing something different from more pills for more people.”

Hamborg says the company chose Reno for several factors, including quality of life, the presence of a medical school, and proximity to Silicon Valley. The business-friendly environment in Nevada and Reno were key factors as well, Hamborg added.


Scource: Writtien by , Reno Gazette JournalPublished 11:30 a.m. PT April 25, 2019