The Recession Report: Wait, What Recession?

recession-to-depression.jpg  Great Article this Morning on Cinco de Mayo. Looks like the tides may be turning for the economy. I’ve seen different attitudes in consumers & investors lately in the new home & commercial real estate world. Americans are impatient & support change. What goes up, must come down, and then go back up again. Since man has created currency, there have been fluctuations in wealth & prosperity. After seeing an enormous drop in new home prices in the last couple years, and the vacancy rate for business skyrocket, we have reached a plateau & are ready as a nation to start plowing ahead again. The media is catching on & I feel that this whole depression/ recession debauchery will be a thing of the past by summer of 2010. Wishful thinking regarding the timing? Maybe. As that I am up close &personal with the Commercial Real Estate world, as well as a hop skip and a jump away from the Residential Real Estate Community, there have been notable changes in activity and attitudes that haven’t gone unnoticed! Check out the article & link below! News Alert from The Wall Street Journal – Sponsored by NASDAQ The U.S. recession appears to be losing steam, with growth likely to resume later this year on the back of firmer household spending, a bottoming housing market and an end to inventory liquidation, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said Tuesday. But Bernanke said that the recovery will probably be slower than usual, and warned that the unemployment rate may stay high “for a time” as businesses remain cautious about new hiring. ]]>

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