A Blast From the Past: Fennell & Assocaites Fred Miller & Tom Young put their Mark in Downtown Reno's History!

561354_ratio3x4_width180.jpg Did you know?? Fred Miller & Tom Young of Fennell & Assocaites Commercial Real Estate Solutions represented Ryan Gold & Justin Owen in the lease of a vacant office building at 150 N. Arlington Ave. After a considerable investment was spent on TI’s, Ryan & Justin created the infamous Imperial Lounge! When Ryan Gold and Justin Owen set out to create the Imperial Bar and Lounge in March of 2007, they wanted to create a casual atmosphere downtown, separate from the tourist scene.They succeeded! The Imperial Lounge attracts a college and business professional demographics. Imperial’s happy hours last from 5 to 7 p.m., resuming from 10 p.m. to midnight. Fred Miller and Tom Young have sold Ryan & Justin several other properties in the Reno area on West and East 4th Street contributing to the success and boom of Commercial Retail Leasing & Sales in Downtown Reno.  In addition to the Imperial Bar & Lounge, Ryan & Justin have opened The Lincoln Lounge, located at the location of the old Reno Jazz Club, right across the street from Louis’ Basque Corner. The first thing you’ll notice about LL is the stark, black exterior…  No external signage, and no real way of knowing the place is there. This is intentional, as they’re going for kind of a speak-easy feel. Once you walk in the door, the atmosphere is .In keeping with the speak-easy feel. There’s two main seating areas, with antique furniture.  There’s old school high backs, with lots of scrolled wood work, velvet couches, and the entire theme is based upon Abraham Lincoln.  The walls, decorated with pictures of our late president Abraham Lincoln,have this foil wall paper with a velvet like material in fleur-de-lis patterns – it would be gaudy in most places, but it works for this place.  The molding and the bar front have been  recycled and refinished from a previous bar. There’s a second room with shuffleboard, and some more traditional seating. The patio is now open for summer! The Lincoln Lounge is an eclectic mix of the roaring 20’s meets Disneyland Haunted House. Check out the link below for more information! http://www.imperialbarandlounge.com]]>

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