Widening of Moana Lane

As some of you may have heard Moana is next on the upgrade train.  RTC is moving forward with the plan to widen Moana from 4 to 6 lanes between South Virginia Streetand U.S. 395. Other future major expansions include the intersections of Moana with South Virginia and Kietzke Lane  Moana’s project is being largely funded through the motor vehicle fuel tax increase that was passed by voters in 2008. Some say they would like that money to be utilized for other concerns like the loss in the Police force and the Fire Department. Currently the project is only partially designed and RTC officials still don’t know how much commercial land will have to be bought by the government for this expansion. Some business might have to be relocated even though the project doesn’t touch the actual structure. There’s a possibility of relocating whole buildings because of the parking spaces that will be taken away for the project.   I say good luck to the 22 +/- business affected by this change; as many would say location is EVERYTHING!     Click here for visuals of the Moana Project.  Click Here for more information and the full article by Reno Gazette-Journal]]>

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