The "Commercial" Buyer Broker Agreement

More commonly practiced in Residential Real Estate than Commercial Real Estate, the notorious “Buyer Broker Agreement” may be worth bringing into everyday play for the Commercial world. The State Law in Nevada allows an agent to enter into a buyer representation agreement via orally or written. This is the law! That’s all fine and dandy until  1 or more minor or extravagant details are overlooked and that oral/verbal agreement becomes questionable. This game of “he said-she said” can become quite an issue, if not a catalog! Buyer representation disputes can be nasty. Pretty soon, everyone and their brother want a piece of the pie, and if you’re not careful with this, you can end up landing yourself in front of a judge! So… How do we prevent this?? Do as the residential agents do… The Reno Sparks Association of Realtors recommends that Commercial agents utulize the “buyer Broker Agreement”. This adds additional protection for all parties involved in the deal. As a “Realtor”, which is different than holding the title, “Real Estate Agent”, we are held to a higher code of ethics. All you Commercial Real Estate Agents out there that happen to be Realtor’s as well, Check out Article 9 in your Realtor Code of Ethics, and decide if it is time for you and your fellow brokers & agents to bring the “Buyer Broker Agreement” into effect!  ]]>

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