Reno Land Owner Gets Creative!

 Reno, Nevada land owner gets creative during the real estate slow-down… The investors, lead by Nello Gonfiantini, own a vacant riverfront parcel across the street from the new Triple A baseball park in downtown Reno. Nello, fenced off the site and set up a parking lot for baseball fans. He invited a local caterer to serve BBQ’d goodies, men wielding fire, a local bar to serve beer, and had a live band playing for the opening day at the Reno Aces Ballpark. Nello wasn’t the only land owner with this creative idea. Many of the Builders in town that have vacant lots downtown joined in on the parking lot fun as well. With all the new Commercial Real Estate activity surrounding the Reno Aces Ballpark going on in Downtown Reno, parking has become an issue lately. While city planners are hard at work on this issue, downtown land owners took immediate action. It was a victorious opening day for the Reno Aces and an exciting plethora of AstroTurf & Aces tailgaters inhabiting the streets of downtown Reno. Nello’s vacant parcel is one of the few remaining on the river and is ready for development!]]>

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