Drone Building in Midtown/Downtown

In December, Nevada was selected as one of six states to house drone testing sites. The recent announcement of the University of Nevada Reno setting up its drone research headquarters in the Sinclair St. office building is an encouraging sign of the University being more involved with the private sector in Reno and Downtown. The building is owned by the City of Reno and is on the corner of Sinclair and Stewart. The drone program is going to take up an entire floor of the 25,000-square-foot building. Although everyone mainly refers to the program as the “Drone School,” the official name is the Nevada Advanced Autonomous Systems Innovation Center. This new building will not host any classes, but the research center will offer internships and employ UNR graduate students to partner on projects within the private sector. Also moving into the building after renovations are completed in early summer will be a student welcome center, business counseling services and Nevada Industry Excellence, a statewide organization designed to help partner and expand small manufacturing and mining companies. UNR and Downtown are less than a mile distance from each other, so hopefully we will see this synergy between the two continue to increase.]]>

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