CRE news recap: 2015 may be winding down, but business activity is not

Peterson Products moves to Dayton Peterson Products is a family-owned manufacturing company that produces reinforced plastic goods.  The company, which has been in operation for over 72 years, operates out of the Bay Area.  The company will now move its manufacturing facility to Dayton due to Northern Nevada’s friendlier regulatory environment and labor market.  President and owner of Peterson Products said he believes the quality of life in the Bay Area cannot match that of Northern Nevada, and his company was one of the last remaining manufacturers in the Bay Area altogether. eBay chooses to build fourth data center in TRIC On Nov. 18, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development board finalized a series of sales, business and personal property tax breaks with eBay’s new data center it plans to construct 20 miles east of Reno.  According to Dean Nelson, head of eBay’s global data center strategy, the company has maxed out the capacity of its current data centers in Las Vegas, Arizona and Utah, so expansion into Northern Nevada was necessary for growth. Southern Nevada might become home for second electric car company Governor Sandoval is preparing to finalize a $335 million deal with electric-car company Faraday Future, which will require the Nevada Legislature to convene for a special session.  While more details of the deal will be revealed during the special session, the key components of the deal will dedicate spending to tax incentives and infrastructure spending.  Unlike well-established Tesla, Faraday Future is a much younger company that plans to reveal its first working model concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 4.]]>

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