Congrats to our own Ron Boles for providing great customer service!

Ron PreferredWhen it comes to selling real estate, Ron Boles stands head and shoulders above the rest. When Ron took over as our realtor, we had been trying to sell our property for over 2 years.  Other realtors were anxious to get our listing, but had later told us that it would be difficult to sell, or that it wouldn’t sell at all.  Ron had a different approach.  He assured us that the property would sell, and that we just needed to find the right buyer.  He was there for us every step of the way, and he worked hard to address the potential buyer’s concerns, while still negotiating the best price for us. Ron is a man of experience, integrity and excellent customer service.  We were so glad that we were able to find him, and we would certainly use his services again. We would recommend Ron to our closest friends and family, because he has a proven track record in the Reno Sparks community.  We can’t say it enough, “Thank you Ron for doing a tremendous job.” Tricia and Tony Cruz  ]]>

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