Weekly Commercial Real Estate Terms

Amps The basic flow of electrons in a conductor is called current. The basic unit of electrical current is measured in Amperes, often referred to as Amps. Any service rated over 400 amps is typically commercial service although 200-400 amps are generally seen in flex buildings and 800+ for heavy industrial buildings. Amps fields allow a range from low to accommodate different sources of power. Volts Voltage is an electrical force whose basic unit is the Volt. Volts fields allow a range of low to high to accommodate a facility that has a transformer enabling the power to be stepped up or down. Typical voltages for commercial services are 120/208 (for lights) or 277/480 (for machinery). Both require a Three Phase (see definition for Phase) service as opposed to a Single Phase service that is residential or small commercial. Phase Phase is the splitting of volts, with the term ‘wire’ being how many splits. Single Phase service is typically residential or small commercial. Three Phase will be used with higher voltage capacity needs. Normally described as 3 Phase, 4 Wire (with the 4th being the ground).]]>

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