Commercial Movement in the Reno/Sparks Complex for 2010

Office Sales In the commercial area sales lead the market price with Medical offices at around $182.00 per sq. ft. and the lower being dentist officers at about $79.00 per square foot. Others run between Banks at $121.00 per square foot to General offices at around $95.00 per square foot or so with an average of around $100.00 per square foot. The predominate zip areas seem to be from about $180.00per square foot in 89519 code down to $35.00 per square foot in 89536. Retail Sales Churches and Day Care companies seem to bring the higher prices in 2001 in about $180.00 per square foot for both types and going down from there with C-stores at around $158.00 per square foot, Fitness and auto shows around $120.00 per square foot down to garages at $82.00 per square foot and surprisingly at the bottom seems to be Restaurants and bars at around $78.00 per square foot. In types of zip codes, 89511 and 89509 garner the best prices at 89511 at $295.00 per square foot and 89503 at $210.00 per square foot down to 89501 and 89506 at less than $20.00 per square foot. Flex Warehouse The top in this category is clearly transit warehousing at around $375.00 per square foot (this price may include very few sales). Down to Mini warehouses at around $50.00 per square foot and an average of $100.00 per square foot over all. The zip code is rather close with 89431 at about $115.00 per square foot down to 89521 at $55.00 per square foot averages around $75.00 per square foot. Warehouses Industrial light warehousing seem to get the best prices at about $62.00 per square foot with mega warehouses and warehouses running about $40.00 per square foot to $45.00 per square foot. With an apparent increase in “out of area” companies now starting to look at the Reno/Sparks area to relocate, the year of 2011 should be a much better year.]]>

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