Commercial Market Activity Coming Back

As a broker, we are at the leading edge of the market and it can be easy to tell a change in the market. The phone calls and number of enquiries, people looking at space ebb and flow as the market changes. When the market crashed the phone stopped ringing, lenders disappeared and the flow of deals dramatically dropped. It was obvious the market was dead. It was not just one sector, it was retail, office, industrial and investment commercial properties that stopped flowing.

 The slow market has continued for years, it is now starting to come back. The phone is ringing, spaces are being shown and both commercial sales and leases are getting done. It is not a booming market, but it is a market. When asked what the value of some properties were over the past two years, the response has been the question “What is the market value when there is no market?”. True as it may be it was still a discouraging and dismal statement. I think it is now time to bury that statement; we do have a market again.  It is a new market at a new price range. But it is a market, leases and sales are occurring. There are buyers and tenants willing to move ahead and make a deal happen. Commercial activity is coming back, it has been a long dry spell, it is good to see some rain making occur.]]>

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