Cali vs The Silver State…We Win!

1216_06_60-welcome-to-nevada-sign-route-374-nevada-usa_web.jpg     Aside from the tax advantages we reap as business owners in Nevada, a long train of additional benefits have surfaced recently and deemed the Silver State as one of the most preferable locations to operate a successful business. Cali residents are a bit jealous, I think. Many think it’s only going to get worse for Californians &  frequent border crossing is in Reno’s immediate future.  What does this do for the Commercial Real Estate Industry? Nothing but generate heaps of business. I feel proud to be a Nevadan working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry right now. As a former native of San Diego California, I’m glad I moved up here when I did, 7 years ago. Just in time to miss out on California’s Giant Debt Attack.  Check out the article below!]]>

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