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Our modern approach and advanced platforms give our clients an edge when buying and selling these unique assets.


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Investor Focused

We specialize in multifamily investments, customizing our strategy around the client whether they are looking to buy or sell. Everything we do has the investor in mind.

Data Driven

Data Driven is a lifestyle. Our approach to evaluating a property’s value in the marketplace begins with accurate data.  Our multifamily sales data and Multifamily Search Tool are unparalleled in the Nevada landscape.

Easy Transaction

Multifamily transactions are unique in nature. We take pride in assisting our clients through the whole process from start to finish. There may be roadblocks along the way, but our experience will help lead to a closed transaction.

Property Scalability

If you own an investment property, multifamily or residential, we have the tools to meet your needs. No matter your budget or scale, we will give it the full professional and commercial attention it deserves.


The Most Advanced Acquisitions Platform

Our vision for investors involves a next-level platform that allows them to identify properties that meet their criteria and provide confidence that the property will help them reach their financial goals.


A Modern Approach Tailored to the Needs of Multifamily Owners

The traditional approach to marketing multifamily investment properties is out of date and out of touch. We have developed the process and tools designed to sell all sizes of multifamily in one place.

Reporting Data is an obsession

Our Reporting is second to none. We use several sources to compile a complete data driven view of the Reno Multifamily Market. Out with the old reports. Try our NEW interactive data. If you like the traditional quarterly reports we have those there also.

Completed Transactions

Check out our completed transactions and our interactive map. Explore the kinds of properties we have worked on within the Reno market.

2150 Dickerson

Sales Price: $5,900,000 | Units: 10 | Year: 2021

40 La Rue

Sales Price: $3,300,000 | Units: 12 | Year: 2021

230 Marsh

Sales Price: $1,889,000 | Units: 8 | Year: 2021

1351 Terrace

Sales Price: $1,650,000 | Units: 3 | Year: 2021

103 W Taylor

Sales Price: $806,000 | Units: 4 | Year: 2021

912 Ralston

Sales Price: $630,000 | Units: 2 | Year: 2021

641 Gear

Sales Price: $625,000 | Units: 4 | Year: 2021

570 Claremont

Sales Price: $535,000 | Units: 2 | Year: 2021

1376 Kimmerling

Sales Price: $425,000 | Units: 2 | Year: 2021

1374 Kimmerling

Sales Price: $425,000 | Units: 2 | Year: 2021

1401 Locust

Sales Price: $245,000 | Units: 2 | Year: 2021

Best Bet Motel

Sales Price: $2,125,000 | Units: 29 | Year: 2020

Kat's Pad

Sales Price: $1,235,000 | Units: 8 | Year: 2020

420 Burns

Sales Price: $587,600 | Units: 2 | Year: 2020

2755 Lakeside

Sales Price: $1,850,000 | Units: 10 | Year: 2020

831 Wheeler

Sales Price: $1,700,000 | Units: 10 | Year: 2020

6th St Tri-Plex

Sales Price: $476,000 | Units: 3 | Year: 2020

40 La Rue

Sales Price: $1,535,000 | Units: 12 | Year: 2020

1395 Stardust

Sales Price: $1,150,000 | Units: 8 | Year: 2019

Wolf Run Student Housing + Land

Sales Price: $35,500,000 | Units: 143 | Year: 2018

Reno Rivera + Land

Sales Price: $3,750,000 | Units: 48 | Year: 2018

Sierra Vista Building

Sales Price: $5,100,000 | Units: 60 | Year: 2017

“We would absolutely recommend Dickson Commercial Group's multifamily services to other apartment building owners in the Reno area. We appreciated their guidance and advice during the entire sale process. Trevor and Chris were great to work with and were knowledgeable about apartments.”

Lori C.


"Trevor and Chris know the market, know the numbers and are a pleasure to work with. One couldn’t ask for more when working with realtors."

John V.


DCG Multifamily Team Represents Buyer in Acquiring Duplex Near UNR

Neighboring the University of Nevada, Reno, 912 Ralston Street is a newly acquired 2-unit multifamily property. Both units feature updated amenities, along with private laundry and patio space. Represented by DCG’s Multifamily team, the buyers were able to purchase the property for $635,000 at the end of August. The property is within a mile walking…

0September 22, 2021September 22, 2021

DCG’s Multifamily and Investment Teams Finalize 12-Unit Sale in Midtown Reno

DCG is pleased to announce the recent multifamily sale of the 12-Unit complex at 40 La Rue Street, closing on August 11th. DCG’s Investment Team, Chris Shanks and Matt Dericco represented the Buyer, and DCG’s Multifamily Team, Trevor Richardson and Chris Moton represented the ownership group in the $3,300,000 transaction.  A stabilized property at the…

0August 23, 2021August 23, 2021

DCG’s Multifamily Team Represents Seller in 1930’s MidTown Duplex

DCG’s multifamily team, Trevor Richardson and Chris Moton represented the seller of 1401 Locust Street. This 1,349 square foot duplex sold for $245,000 to Kevin and Julia Brittner. After owning this 1930’s MidTown property for over 40 years, DCG Multifamily was able to find Kevin and Julia the perfect buyer for a fast and easy…

0August 18, 2021August 19, 2021